The AMPERE sub-division Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science (MRFOOD) organizes a biannual conference aiming at providing an overview of the latest innovations in applications of magnetic resonance techniques (NMR, MRI, EPR) to food systems. The conference is typically preceded by workshops dedicated to practical aspects of magnetic resonance data acquisition and processing. The Scientific Advisory Board of the MRFOOD Division agrees on a location for the forthcoming conference and appoints a local organizer who is, together with the board, responsible for organizing the scientific program. The Scientific Advisory Board is accountable to the General Meeting of the MRFOOD sub-division.

Non-AMPERE members will obtain a one-year membership of AMPERE on registration to MRFOOD conferences, AMPERE members are entitled to a reduced conference fee. The topics of the school typically include sessions dedicated to FoodOmics, Quality & Safety and Structure & Function as application areas, as well as sessions focussing on technical developments in MRI, spectroscopy, relaxometry and diffusometry in both the time- and frequency domains.

On October 28 MRFood will organize an interactive online workshop, dedicated to a Special Issue on Multiscale Food Structures and FoodOmics, to appear in Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry.

The next MRFOOD conference is planned in 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark.