This association is constituted as a Division of the Groupement Ampère. The Groupement Ampère is corporately organized in Switzerland and is domiciled in Zürich.

The purpose of the Division is to advance the subject of Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food

  • By means of International Conferences organized biennially anywhere in the world. The proceedings of this conference will be disseminated in (an) indexed publication(s).
  • By means of Symposia, Summer Schools and Workshops organized anywhere in the world.
  • Maintaining a website with an overview of the mission and activity of the Division
  •  By such other means as the Division shall decide.

Members of the Division shall be members of the Groupement Ampère and any members of the Groupement Ampère may join the Division. Membership of the Division is free, but members need to pay their subscription to the Groupement Ampère. The founding fathers of the Division, Peter Belton and Graham Webb are honorary members for which membership and meeting registration fees will be waived.

The organs of the Division are:

  • The General Meeting (GM)
  • The Scientific Committee (SC)

General Meeting (GM)

  • The GM has final authority in the Division.
  • The GM will take place biennially at the International Conferences of the Division.

Scientific Committee (SC)
The SC shall be elected by the GM having due regard to scientific subject distribution among the GM members and shall consist of 9 members. All GM members can nominate SC candidates, self-nomination is permitted and encouraged. The SC shall consist of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Chairpersons of the Local Committees of the last and the next MRFOOD International Conferences. The Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the SC members for four years and can be re-elected for another 4-year term. The SC members that represent the last and next conference shall typically serve for 4 years, given de biannual nature of the MRFOOD International Conferences. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the website of the Subdivision. The SC shall meet at least once per year, in person or by telcon. The SC promotes the organization of scientific meetings, taking care of the economic sustainability of such activities. The SC is responsible for approving the scientific content of all initiatives promoted by the Division, among those proposed by the GM. The organization of Conferences is delegated to Local Committees. The SC shall elect a representative to the Committee of the Groupement Ampère, this will normally be the Chairman of the Division. This representative will give reports to the Ampère Committee of the main activities of the Division.

The Division will be financed by grants and donations, and by carry-over funds from meetings of the Divison. The Division will deposit their financial reserves under an account at the Groupement Ampere. The financial reserves may be used to cover deficits of meetings, but only after approval of the SC.

A meeting of the Division will be organized by a Local Committee that will bear full liability for the organization. The Chairman of the Local Committee shall be appointed by the SC, the Chairman may compose the Local Committee at his own will. Financial support from the reserves of the Division can only be committed upon upfront approval of the SC. Upon deduction of local overhead costs, profits of the meetings will be transferred to the reserves of the Division. Modifications of by-laws and dissolution

  • a. The by-laws of the Division may be amended at the GM and require a majority of two-thirds of the members attending and voting. Proposals for amendment must be communicated to the Secretary at least three months before the next GM.
  • b. The Divison may be dissolved on a proposition by the GM and approved by two thirds of the members attending and voting.
  • c. In the case of dissolution of the Division, the remaining property of the Division shall be transferred to the Groupement Ampère. Drafted by the SC on June 7, 2016 in Karlsruhe, Approved by the General Meeting in 2018.